The Delaware Company House LLC

The Delaware Company House is located at 8 The Green in Dover, Delaware. If you find us on a map, you’ll see we’reĀ steps from the Chancery Court and the Old State House, a short walk from most any Delaware State office you may need to transact business with. But looking at where we are on a map doesn’t really describe our location.

About a 100 feet from our front door is where the US constitution was first ratified (making Delaware the first state), the very site where some of our country’s earliest and most important meetings took place and helped give birth to our great nation. In short, our location is steeped in a rich history, and in Delaware, history means something. Our address on The Green is one of the most recognizable addresses in the state.

The Delaware Company HouseĀ supports international law firms, Wilmington DE law firms, incorporation services, and registered agent companies with their State of Delaware interactions. Our superior knowledge of inner-state workings, proximity to the very heart of Delaware’s corporate center, and our solid grounding in our nation’s past all blend together to make The Delaware Company House the right choice for your business solutions.

What we provide:

  • Office rentals from virtual to 3,000 square foot.
  • Conference room rental complete with board room, kitchenette, separate office, sofa, recliner, private bathroom, copiers, scanners, workstation computer, wifi, and separate entrance while you litigate at the Chancery Court 50 yards away.
  • Support staff by the hour if needed.
  • Corporate office support for corporations, LLCs, and any entity types.
  • Corporate filing and search support at the state, city, or county level.
  • Registered office and registered agent support.
  • Company formation.
  • Mail forwarding.
  • Domain name, website, and email services.
  • Business phone service.
  • Executive suites.

Why use The Delaware Company House:

  • Extensive knowledge.
  • Extensive support available.
  • We’re behind the scenes. You can run your own operation or completely white label our support services.

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